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We are delighted to launch this new report into the role of the Chief Data Officer in today’s market. The subject provides a platform and context from which to explore perspectives on data, digital and transformation in both the public and private sectors.

We include an important section covering the key terms under consideration including digitization, digitalization and datafication – together with definitions of the Chief Data Officer role as developed by a range of third party consultancies and vendors.

Please also note the dedicated supplement exploring the state of preparedness for, attitudes toward, and anticipated impact of, GDPR. We believe that GDPR is an important milestone in the evolution of the digital economy, serving to address increasing societal unease around personal data practices, and also that it offers a platform for innovative permissioned data applications.

This report has been build from
two main components:

List of participants

  • Michael Abtar, CEO and Principal Consultant, IG Smart
  • Catherine Brien, Data Science Director, Cooperative Group
  • Darren Cairns, Digital Consultant
  • Jamie Graves, Chief Executive, ZoneFox
  • Iain MacMillan, Digital Consultant (Personal capacity)
  • Henrik Nordmark, Head of Data Science, Profusion
  • Craig Patton, CEO, Hydration (Personal capacity)
  • Aingaran Pillai, CEO and Founder, Zaizi
  • Laura Scarlett, Data and Insight Director, Guardian News and Media
  • Yves Schwarzbart, Head of Policy and Regulatory Affairs, IABUK

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